Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sloughing It Off -- 247

Yep, down another pound! I weighed again today a few hours after I woke up and before I ate anything. Glad I did! What motivation to keep going! I'm back in first place in my DietBet with a 48% chance of winning. I'm also halfway to my goal there! I really hope I'm the only one who makes it, $50 would come in handy right now! Even $25 would be awesome. Any more than the $10 I placed to bet would be nice LOL.

I learned that I can eat after dinner and still lose weight today, so that's a big boost. I can't remember if I posted about it already but I ordered 7-Keto as a metabolism booster from Dr. Oz's website recommendation of it. It should arrive next week. That will be nice since I don't eat frequently, as in, I don't snack. I lack control in snacking. I find that it doesn't quell my hunger enough to do me any good other than to put more calories in my diet if I don't have something meal-worthy like a sandwich.

Alright, that's my epiphany for today: I can eat after dinner (which I'm up for 8 hours after dinner so this is welcome news) and still lose weight! Until next time,


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