Monday, January 7, 2013

6 Days, 9 Pounds -- 256

Like millions of other Americans, my New Year's Resolution was to lose weight. And so far so good! In less than a week I've gone from 265 to 256. That's the best order those three numbers can go in ;)

I have accomplished this weight loss using prescription appetite suppressants called phentermine. It has really helped me eat normal portions and not crave snacks. I am worried I'm not getting enough calories, though. In fact I know I'm not. Today I had some soup and a bowl of cereal. I don't think I broke 1,000 calories. That has been the norm for the past 6 days. Although right now I'm fighting off a craving for a balogna sandwich. I'm fighting it because I already had a bowl of cereal tonight. Not sure what to do.

I will continue to fight it. I have (so far) successfully kicked an addiction to oxycodone (Percocets) so that has empowered me to feel stronger in my convictions. No extra food. I think the sandwich (with the cheese and Miracle Whip, fat free as it may be) would push me over and keep me from losing. And in this game, losing is WINNING!

I think one reason the weight is coming off so fast is because a.) I always lose fast the first week of better eating habits, and b.) I gained over 20 pounds since October 1st and that was a fast gain, so it should be a quicker loss. At least that's how it works for me, typically.

Alright, back to Netflix to keep my mind occupied and off that sandwich!

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